Q-smart Single phase electronic control panel


Q-Smart single-phase electronic control panel for 1 or 2 fixed speed pumps. Over 50 different combinations available within this one product that can be used for controlling pressure boosting or sewage applications.

Q-Smart 10: One Pump Control

Q-Smart 20: Two Pumps Control

Easy installation and operation

  • Pre-programmed packages that decrease installation and commissioning costs
  • Illuminated coloured LED status lights


  • Ideal for use in various water and wastewater applications
  • Manages up to 2 pumps (booster sets)
  • In case of control board failure, pumps can still be operated
  • 5 digital inputs for pressure switches or floats, external on/off, min/max, pressure/level alarms, 1 analogue input for sensor, 5 inputs for sewage application probes


  • Built in overload circuit breaker(s)
  • Power up to 1.5kW (power output from pump up to 12A)
  • 4 Push buttons key pad
  • Auto test function
  • Pump rotation option
  • Real Time Clock with hour counter
  • Dry run, overload and short circuit protections

Option extras

  • ModBus RTU module
  • Programmable free voltage contacts module


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