Xylem Watermark & Project 24 : Suplang, Philippines

Xylem Watermark supported Planet Water Foundation and Project 24 to bring clean water to thousands of people across five countries including Cambodia, Colombia, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines in 24 hours.

Xylem Watermark sponsored 6 projects as part of Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24, an ambitious undertaking on World Water Day, to build 24 clean water filtration systems (AquaTowers) in 24 communities across five countries; Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Colombia — in just 24 hours. These projects reached a total of 6,000 people including the 2,739 children who attend the participating schools. 27 Xylem volunteers assisted in the construction of the community-based water systems, which will bring clean water to the world's most disadvantaged communities.

Xylem Watermark Volunteers Educate, Entertain and Fundraise at the Xylem Innovation Opening in Italy

At the Xylem Innovation Official Opening held on July 7, Xylem Watermark volunteers answered questions, collected donations and raised awareness of Xylem Watermark and water-related issues. The event included a presentation on Watermark’s goals and future initiatives being planned in Montecchio Maggiore, Italy.

Xylem’s Godwin pumps fill new Panama Canal lock basins

To support the water transfer project, Xylem installed 15 Godwin diesel-driven pumps, deployed from the U.S. In June, these pumps transported up to 122 million gallons of water per day (MGD) from Lake Miraflores to fill the third set of locks on the Pacific. Over a period of 22 days, the project consisted of pumping enough water to fill 90,000 average sized swimming pools.


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